One, Two, Three Sweet Additions to The Farm!

Homer, Sally and Pearl watching a chicken

Homer, Sally and Pearl watching a chicken

Since I last blogged a lot has happened on the farm. We have been blessed with three new calves. Two girls and one bull. In four years we have only had one other heifer calf and all others have been bulls. One of these sweeties is the calf of Ruby, our only other heifer born here. We found the two of them early in the morning lounging in the pasture on September 27. We named Ruby’s calf Pearl. The same morning also lounging on the other side of the pasture was Sandy with her brand new heifer calf Sally. Sally has white markings on her side like her mom.

These two girls will grow up together to be our future milk cows in about two years. A lot of patient work will go into them to prepare them to be good milk cows. Training begins now with halter training, touching, walking them to the milking parlor and getting used to the sights and sounds of stanchions clanging and equipment running. As did Ruby they should ease right in to the milking routine when they calve in about two years.

Holly also had her calf about a week later on October 3. We were present for her delivery which wasn’t quite as easy as the others but ended up fine with a big bouncing boy named Homer. He too is precious with his “chiclet” teeth smile. (If anyone remembers what chiclet gum looks like!) He too will stay here on the farm and will grow up as a steer in the pasture with Henry who is now 2 1/2 months old and growing to be quite a handsome steer too.

With that, fall calving season is over with all six girls in milk now!

Check back soon as we will be announcing some pretty exciting news about the farm and an opportunity for you!

Mary Lynn