Help Us Name Hattie's Calf

It was time for Monday's evening milking when we noticed Hattie alone in the backside of the south pasture.  We walked down to check on her and when we got near we could see two little feet poking out!  A calf was being born.  What a beautiful sight to witness. 

She had no problems calving and in about 15 or so minutes her calf was on the ground.  Immediately she started to lick him clean and dry.  He was alert and started flapping his ears and nuzzling his mom.  It didn't take him too long to find a teat and start nursing.  Hattie and her wee one are doing great!

Now we want to get your help to name this sweet boy.


We prefer his name to start with an H but it doesn't have to.  Also we need only one or two syllable names as our cows learn their names and that makes it easier to call them.  

Please put your name choices in the blog comments below or email us.

We are excited to have your input.  This is going to be fun!

We will announce the winning selection as soon as it is chosen.  

You are welcome visit this sweet fella at the farm.  Just let us know you are coming and we look forward to seeing you.