Ben the Farm Dog and Sandy the Cow

Ben the farm dog here again.  It's getting hot already today so I'm going to relax here on the back porch a while and tell you a little farm story.   As promised, I'm back to tell you about my favorite cow Sandy.  When I first came to the farm last year I was but a wee pup and quite scared of those big ole cow girls. 

Farmer Randy would take me out to the pasture to visit the cows but I was afraid of those big girl cows.  They would shake their heads and chase me til I ran to hide behind farmer Randy or run out of the pasture altogether.  That is, all but one of those cows.  Miss Sandy didn't shake her head at me and chase me.  She would walk up to me but it still scared me and I would run.  She would just stand there with a puzzled look on her face as if to say "why did he run off like that?".  

As time went on, I was growing bigger and was not as scared anymore.  Finally I would just stand there when Miss Sandy would walk up to me.  She started nuzzling and licking me. Did she think that I was her calf?  I'm not sure but I don't mind if she does.  We are just about the same color.   


Little by little I started to enjoy her company and her nuzzling.   Now we are best friends!  I go out to the pasture just to visit her most days.  Sometimes we even take a nap together.  Miss Sandy is a milk cow so she comes to the barn in the morning and evening to get milked.  I visit her there too and lay in front of the fans while she eats. Sometimes she even drops a nibble of her food for me.


The other cows tolerate me now too, though Miss Holly still runs me off sometimes.  Maybe she is just playing with me!  

It's time for me to take a walk around the farm to make sure everybody is ok.  Then I will go visit with farmer Randy a while.  We might go to the pasture and chase mice ........well, I will chase mice while farmer Randy mows the pasture and scares them up for me!  

Ya'll take care til next time!

Ben the farm dog