Ben Says "Give Me Raw Anytime"!

Hi.  I'm Ben the farm dog.  I like raw stuff.  In the picture you can see my raw milk straight from my Jersey cows.  This is the best milk ever 'cause them cows eat good too!  They eat lots of various grasses, weeds and herbs from green pastures and a little bit of cracked grains that are non-gmo and soy free.  These cows are healthy and beautiful (especially that Sandy cow but I'll tell you more about her in another story).  But now back to me.  I like raw food and fermented    


too.  My mistress farmer makes kefir for me from that raw cow milk.  It is a probiotic drink that is good for my digestion and keeps me healthy.  All I know is that I sure like the taste of it.  She takes kefir grains and puts them in some milk and the next day I get some kefir.  Mrs. Mary (that's what I call my farmer lady) can help you get some kefir grains so you can make some for your favorite dog.  I know they would like it just like me.

Part of my duties around here is to guard the hens and protect them from predators.  The hens lay such pretty and colorful eggs.  They look so good but I have to wait til my farmers give me an egg.  I can't just help myself when I'm on guard duty.   When  my farmers give me a couple raw eggs I break them open ever so gently and lick out the insides first and then sometimes I  finish off the shell.

001 (6).JPG

I like raw chicken backs too.  Sometimes my farmers spatchcock (how do you like my big word?) a chicken to roast it. When they do this I get the backbone raw. Oh yeah!  They give me other raw chicken parts sometimes but the backbone is my favorite.

These raw foods are so good in taste and very healthy for me.  I have to stay strong and alert to do my part on the farm.  Sometimes I have to eat a little grain free dog food from a bag but my farmers give me as much raw as possible every day and I really love that!!  

Well, I enjoyed talking to you but my paws are tired from all this typing and I must get back to guard duty with my hens.  Check back later and I might tell you about my favorite cow.

Until next time,


CLICK HERE for more information on raw pet milk for your dog.

Why Pastured Eggs?


Eggs are one of the most nutrition packed foods you can eat. Not just any egg, but eggs from hens free to roam on lush pastures.   Egg producing hens need to forage green grass and seeds, eating worms and bugs for protein and a balanced diet as God designed for them.  And being outdoors in the sunshine puts essential vitamins A and D in their eggs.  

Pastured eggs are one of the most economical ways to increase the nutrients in your family's diet. They are very versatile as scrambled, omelets, home made mayonnaise, smoothies, quiche, deviled, boiled for salads, and more.

There have been studies done showing that compared to supermarket eggs, pastured eggs have:

  • 5 times more Vitamin D
  • 2/3 more Vitamin A
  • 2 times more Omega-3 fatty acids
  • 3 times more Vitamin E
  • 7 times more Beta Carotene

Think about that.  You would  have to eat 5 supermarket eggs to get the Vitamin D that is in one pastured egg.

Some of the health benefits from pastured eggs:

  • supports healthy vision
  • helps protect from sun damage
  • reduces risk of colon and breast cancer
  • provides all 8 essential protein building amino acids

It is also important that the hens are not eating GMO feed.  We feed our hens a non-gmo feed that is also soy free. Raw milk and kefir from our cows are always available free choice.  

We do our best to provide you with great tasting and healthy eggs straight from the farm, always fresh! 

For information on where to get pastured eggs for you family click here.